Double connection knot


The double connection knot consists of two interlocking overhand knots. If tied in a single cord it forms a stable loop.


Can be used as terminal knot in bracelets, zipper pulls and other paracord projects. Tied in a single cord with loop it can be used as a hanging loop.

Other names

Double connection knot, 2 strand Matthew Walker knot, Linked overhand knot.


1. For better visibility we use two color cords.
2. Wrap one cord around other making a loop.
3. Pass the working end through the loop creating an overhand knot.
4. Do not tighten the knot yet.
5. Pass second cord over the first cord and under both cords.
6. Pass the working end of the second cord through the first overhand knot.
7. Pass the working end of the second cord through its loop creating an overhand knot.
8. Tighten the first overhand knot.
9. Tighten the second overhand knot so that crossing ‘X’ shape is made.

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