Figure of 9 loop


The figure-of-nine loop is a type of knot to form a fixed loop in a rope. Tied in the bight, it is made similarly to a figure-of-eight loop but with an extra half-turn before finishing the knot. It is a little larger and uses more rope than the figure-of-eight loop but is easier to untie after loading and has greater strength.


The figure-of-nine loop can be used as an alternative to the figure-of-eight loop. It is used by climbers and cavers to attach a rapelling rope to an anchor.


Less likely to jam and easier to untie than figure-of-eight loop


Strong and secure but it is harder to visually check for integrity and correctness compared to figure-of-eight loop.


Double the rope and make a bight. Twist the bight to make a loop. Twist it again and pass the working end loop through the loop created by twists. Dress the knot and tighten.

1. Double the rope and make a bight.
2. Wrap the working end around the standing end.
3. Pass the working end across the rope.
4. Pass the working end through the loop from behind.
5. Dress the knot and tighten.

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