King cobra paracord bracelet


The king cobra paracord bracelet is essentially classic cobra bracelet with another layer of cobra knots on top of it.
King cobra bracelet stores twice the amount of paracord as a standard cobra bracelet. The outer layer of the bracelet can be uncoiled and used while keeping original simple cobra bracelet unraveled.

Other names

King cobra bracelet, Double cobra bracelet, Double Solomon bar bracelet.


Measure and cut paracord. First layer of bracelet in this tutorial uses about 250 cm of paracord and fits hand with 19 cm circumference.

1. Find the middle point of the cord and attach it to the buckle using cow hitch.
2. Measure the length of bracelet and pass the cords through the other buckle.
3. Start tying cobra knots just like in regular cobra bracelet. Pass left cord over the middle cords, under the right cord.
4. Pass right cord under the middle cords and up through the left loop.
5. Tighten.
6. Pass right cord over the middle cords and under the left cord.
7. Pass the left cord under the middle cords and up through the right loop.
8. Tighten.
9. Left cord over, right cord under.
10. Tighten.
11. Right cord over, left cord under.
12. Tighten.
13. Continue to the end.
14. Cut and singe the ends. Basic cobra bracelet is complete.
15. Take about 250 cm of cord, fold it in half and place it under the bracelet.
16. Start tying cobra knots.
17. When tightening position the new knots between the knots of previous layer.
18. Tie another cobra knot. Left over, right under.
19. Tighten.
20. Right over, left under.
21. Tighten.
22. After first few knots the rest will fall in between the knots of previous layer naturally.
23. Continue to the end.
24. Cut and singe the ends.
25. Finished bracelet from one side.
26. Finished bracelet from the other side.

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