Diamond knot


The diamond knot (or knife lanyard knot) is a stopper knot with a loop on the end of double cord such as on a lanyard.


Used to make a fixed, decorative loop at the middle of a cord. Commonly used as terminal knot in bracelets, zipper pulls and other paracord projects.

Other names

Diamond knot, Knife lanyard knot, Sailor\’s knife lanyard knot, Marlinspike lanyard knot, Single-strand diamond knot, Two-strand diamond knot, Bosun\’s whistle knot, Chinese button knot.


1. For better visibility we use two color cord.
2. Make a loop by twisting the right strand.
3. Twist the loop one more time.
4. Take the left strand and place it under the first loop and under the right cord.
5. Weave the left strand over, over, under, over.
6. Pull it creating a Carrick bend knot.
7. Pass the left strand to the right side, over the right side loop and to the middle.
8. Bring it up through the center of the Carrick bend.
9. Pass the right strand to the left side, under the left side loop and to the middle.
10. Bring it up through the center of the Carrick bend.
11. Gently tighten by pulling on all ends.
12. Remove the slack and adjust the loop size in the process.

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