Highwayman’s hitch


The highwayman’s hitch is a quick-release draw loop knot used for temporarily securing a rope that will need to be released easily and cleanly. The hitch can be untied with a tug of the working end. The line does not need to be pulled from around the object.


Can be used for tying up a boat while getting in. It is said that this knot has been used by robbers for a quick getaway on horseback, hence the name.


Quick release


Not safe as it can slip or be released accidentally.

Other names

Highwayman’s hitch, Bank robbers knot, Getaway hitch, Quick-release knot


1. Pass the bight behind the pole.
2. Make a second bight with the standing end and pass it over the pole.
3. Pass the bight through the first bight.
4. Tighten by pulling on the working end. Make a third bight with the working end.
5. Pass the third bight through the second loop.
6. Tighten by pulling on standing end.

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