Chinese button knot


The Chinese button knot is two strand stopper knot where the both strands emerges next to each other from the knot. The Chinese button knot is essentially a diamond knot where the lanyard loop is shortened to a minimum, i.e. tightened to the knot itself.


The knot has traditionally been used as a button on clothes in Asia, thus the name.


1. Make a loop.
2. Make a loose slip knot by pulling a second loop through the first one.
3. Bring the working end under the top loop.
4. Pass it through the loop creating a symmetrical shape with 4 loops and 2 triangles in the center.
5. Pass the right working end to the left middle triangle.
6. Pass it through the triangle.
7. Take the other (left) cord. Pass it to the right middle triangle.
8. Pass it through the triangle.
9. Bring both cords down together.
10. Tighten evenly.
11. Remove the slack.

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