Manny method


This method was originally designed by Manuel Zambrano. The Manny method pulls each piece of paracord through the other’s outer sheath, resulting in a strong and smooth bond.


1. Prepare the cords. Cut off the ends if needed.
2. Push a few cm of inner strands out of both cords.
3. Cut off the inner strands and pull the remainder of inner core deeper inside the sheath.
4. Lightly melt the ends of sheath to prevent them from fraying. While doing this insert lacing needle inside the hole to keep it open.
5. Attach lacing needle to the other end of one of the cords.
6. Prepare a hole in the other cord. It will make it easier to pierce the cord in the next step.
7. Insert the lacing needle in the hole prepared in the previous step.
8. Push the needle through the hole.
9. Pull almost all of the cord through.
10. Repeat the same process with other cord. Make a hole with lacing needle.
11. Pull the other cord through.
12. Pull on both cords to slide them together.

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