Eternity knot bracelet


The eternity knot is a decorative single strand stopper knot that symbolizes a never ending cycle. This is a very minimalistic bracelet that has only one decorative knot. For closing mechanism this bracelet uses double fisherman’s knot.


1. Take about 80 cm of cord and make a loop.
2. Pass the working end over the loop creating a shape with three openings.
3. Bring the working end up through the middle opening.
4. Pass it over the cord on the right.
5. Pass it under. Pull the cord through leaving a small loop.
6. Pass the cord down through the last loop.
7. Pull the cord through but do not tighten.
8. Feed the cord through the knot so that both ends are of equal length.
9. Pinch both sides of the knot and spread it sideways.
10. Slowly tighten by pulling on both ends.
11. Cross free ends around your wrist to measure the size of the bracelet.
12. Wrap one cord twice around the other cord.
13. Pass the working end through the wraps.
14. Tighten.
15. Wrap the other cord twice around the first cord in the other direction.
16. Pass the working end through the wraps.
17. Tighten.
18. Cut and melt the ends.
19. Finished bracelet from the other side.

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