Thin line bracelet


This bracelet has a very distinct line of color running in the middle. The color of the middle line can symbolize profession of the wearer. For example blue – police, red – firefighter, white – medic, etc.
The weave of the bracelet is very similar to the cobra weave with every second knot being tied around just one of the core strands.


1. Take 90 cm of cord for the “thin line” and 200 cm of cord for the other color and fold them in the middle.
2. With longer cord tie overhand knot (left over, right under) around the shorter cord.
3. Tighten. Adjust the size of the loop to be ~1 cm in diameter.
4. Pass the right cord between (under, over) the middle cords.
5. Pass the left cord down over.
6. Under the middle and up through the loop.
7. Tighten.
8. Pass the left cord over the middle, under the right cord.
9. Pass the right cord under the middle and up through the loop.
10. Tighten.
11. Tie another “between the lines” knot. Right cord between the middle cords.
12. Left cord under the middle and up through the loop.
13. Tighten.
14. Tie ordinary cobra knot.
15. Tighten.
16. Keep alternating between “ordinary” and “between the lines” knots.
17. Keep tying until desired length is reached. The last knot goes around both strands.
18. Cut the leftovers.
19. Melt and press the ends.
20. Tie a diamond knot.
21. Look here for instructions on how to tie it.
22. Slowly tighten the knot by pulling on all ends.
23. Remove the slack and move knot close to the bracelet.
24. Cut the ends.
25. Melt and press the ends.
26. Finished bracelet form one side.
27. Finished bracelet form the other side.

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