Knot Categories

Useful Knots is a quick reference for a number of most practical knots.
There are hundreds or even thousands of knots out there and each has its specific uses. But in everyday situation average person has no time to learn them or look through all of them and pick the best one. Useful Knots offer a selected list of the best knots for most practical situations.
Knots are categorized by type and each knot has a description and step by step instructions with pictures and guide on how to tie it.

5 responses to “Knot Categories

  1. Thank you for the free app on useful knots. The best I’ve found so far. Like the explanation of uses for, and the instructions. I’ve been having fun doing these knots and find them very useful and entertaining when I have nothing else to do. Great for fishing, boating, camping, hunting, moving, you name it. Keep up the great work you’re doing. I for one, appreciate it.

  2. I’m finding the colour combination makes for difficult viewing. The mottled yellow background just doesn’t work. Otherwise, great descriptions and instructions.

  3. I would like to send you a better version of the trucker knot that I learned back in 1988 when I first started truck driving .

  4. Great app, and simple to follow. New to know tying, and was happy to pay to remove ads. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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