Trilobite bracelet


This paracord bracelet uses weave pattern similar to the classic trilobite bracelet and is made of single long piece of paracord. It does not use buckle but relies on a loop and knotted button for fastening.
It is pretty wide bracelet and can store relatively large amount of paracord. If the need arises the bracelet can be quickly unraveled.


Measure and cut paracord. Bracelet in this tutorial used 420 cm of paracord and fits hand with 19 cm circumference.

1. Tie celtic button knot.
2. Look here for instructions on how to do it.
3. Make two bights the size of bracelet, pass the working end over to the left.
4. Make a third bight, pass the working end under the middle bight, over the right bight
5. Weave the working to the left: under, under, over, over, under, under.
6. Weave it to the right.
7. Weave it to the left.
8. Weave it to the right.
9. Tighten the weave by pushing it upwards.
10. Continue weaving.
11. Stop when you reach ends of the bights.
12. Pass the working end through the bights from the outside.
13. Bring it around for second pass.
14. Pass it through one more time leaving a small loop.
15. Tie overhand stopper knot or cut, melt and press the end.
16. Finished bracelet from one side.
17. Finished bracelet from the other side.

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