Tumble hitch


The tumble hitch is a quick-release draw loop knot used for temporarily securing a rope such that it can be released easily and cleanly. The hitch can be untied with a tug of the working end, even when under tension.


Used for temporary holding non critical load.


Quick release. Pull on the tail to release the knot.


Tumble hitch is considered to be more secure than other quick release knots. However, as all quick release knots it should not be used for critical applications.

Other names

Tumble hitch, a better Highwayman’s hitch, Bank robbers knot, Getaway hitch, Quick-release knot


1. Place a bight over a pole.
2. Form a bight in the working end and place it under the pole.
3. Pass the second bight through the first one.
4. Pass the working end around the standing end.
5. Create a third bight in the working end and pass it through the second one.
6. Tighten.

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