Endless falls bracelet


The endless falls bracelet has a distinct V shaped pattern at the front and completely different pattern the back.


1. Take 150 cm of cord and attach it to the buckle using cow hitch.
2. Take 90 cm of another cord and pass it through the cow hitch.
3. Cross the short cords in the middle creating a loop.
4. Spread the long cords apart and pass them through the loop from the top.
5. Tighten. First knot has been created.
6. Cross the short cords again creating another loop.
7. Wrap the long cords around the loop.
8. Tighten.
9. Repeat the pattern.
10. Tighten.
11. Keep tying until desired length is reached.
12. Pass the long cords through the buckle.
13. Loosen the last knot a little.
14. Pass the cords through the loosened knot from opposite directions.
15. Tighten.
16. Cut the leftovers.
17. Melt and press the ends.
18. Finished bracelet form one side.
19. Finished bracelet form the other side.

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