Snake knot


The snake knot sinnet key fob is made by tying a series of snake knots.


Used to make key fobs, bracelets, leashes and other paracord projects.


1. Take two pieces of about 60 cm long paracord and join them together using one of the connection methods.
2. Wrap left cord around right cord.
3. Pass right cord under the left.
4. Pass it through the loop from top.
5. Tighten the knot.
6. Adjust the knot so that connection point is hidden inside.
7. Start tying second snake knot. Wrap right cord around left.
8. Left cord under the right.
9. Through the loop from top.
10. Tighten.
11. Tie another snake knot.
12. Tighten.
13. Tie another snake knot.
14. Tighten.
15. Keep tying until desired length is reached.
16. Finish with a diamond knot.
17. Remove the slack.
17. Remove the slack.
19. End result from one side.
20. End result from the other side.

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