Farrimond friction hitch


The Farrimond friction hitch is a quick release adjustable friction hitch for use on lines under tension. It is useful when the length of a line will need to be periodically adjusted in order to maintain or adjust tension whilst remaining quick and easy to untie. Another advantage of this knot is that it can be tied without having access to the end of the line.

The first known presentation of this knot was made by British actor Barry Farrimond in 2008 during a demonstration at the Yellow Wood Bush Camp, Wales.


Used for attaching ridge lines of tarp or tent. Useful when a length of line needs to be adjusted periodically in order keep a line at a desire tension. Can be used in place of tautline hitch or adjustable grip hitch when the free end of the line is not accessible.


Quick release.


Dress and tighten the knot before loading. The effectiveness of the knot depends on the type of rope used. Wrapping the loop extra time will provide more grip and security. You can put a stick in the loop to prevent it from accidentally releasing.


1. Wrap the line around the anchor point and form a loop.
2. Pass one half of the loop across the standing end.
3. Wrap the loop around the standing end.
4. Start second wrap around the standing end.
5. Wrap it around the standing end.
6. Make a bight in the working end.
7. Feed the bight through the loop.
8. Carefully dress and tighten the knot.

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