Bootlace bracelet


The bootlace bracelet (also known as a Curling millipede bracelet) is a good looking bracelet with a distinct eye catching diagonal stripe pattern.

Other names

Bootlace bracelet, Curling millipede bracelet


1. Take two pieces of paracord about 140 and 120 cm long and join them together using one of the connection methods. Fold the cord in half so that connection point is slightly off center. Attach it to the buckle using cow hitch.
2. Measure the length of bracelet and pass the cords through the other buckle. The cord that makes sides should be about 10 cm longer than the middle cord.
3. Start with cobra knot. Pass the right cord over the 2 middle cords and under the left cord. Pass the left cord under the 2 middle cords and up through the right loop.
4. Tighten. The cobra knot is created.
5. Start tying a series of bootlace bracelet knots. Make a bight with left cord and place it over middle cords creating “S” shape.
6. Pass the left cord over the middle.
7. Pass it back under the middle and up through the left loop.
8. Dress and tighten carefully the knot.
9. Start tying another knot. Place “S” shape with right cord over middle.
10. Left cord over the middle, back under and up through the loop.
11. Tighten.
12. Continue to the end.
13. Cut leftover ends close to bracelet.
14. Melt and press the ends.
15. Finished bracelet form one side.
16. Finished bracelet form the other side.

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