Becket hitch


Becket hitch is used to attach rope to a closed loop. It has the same structure as the sheet bend which joins the ends of two ropes together. The becket hitch, in contrast, fixes a rope to a closed eye or hook. In this instance, a becket means the eye in the end of a rope.


Used to connect a hammock suspension to an anchor point.


Non jamming


This hitch works best with webbing or sheathed rope. Certain combinations of thin or smooth cordage are prone to slipping.

Other names

Becket hitch, Hammock hitch, Sheet bend


1. Pass the free end of the rope under and through the opening of the loop.
2. Pass the rope around both parts of the loop.
3. Make a bight with working end.
4. Pass the bight under itself between the loop.
5. Tighten.

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