Gleipnir knot


Gleipnir knot is a binding knot with two passes around the object. It is used to tie around things to hold them together. In contrast to other binding knots it does not need to be in contact with a surface to hold. The knot can be left in mid-air and it will still hold.


Can be used to tie down parcels, bunch of sticks, poles or similar objects.


Non jamming. The knot can be undone fairly easily by pulling on the working ends just before they enter the loop.


The knot holds surprisingly well but should not be relied on in critical applications. Security can be increased by finishing the knot with a reef knot. If the rope is slippery instead of a single loop multiple loops can be created in series to increase the grip.


1. Pass the rope twice around the object.
2. Make a loop in the middle of the rope by grabbing the rope and twisting it 270 degrees.
3. Pass the two working ends through the loop from opposite directions.
4. Tighten.

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