Chain sinnet bracelet


Chain sinnet bracelet is created by making a series of interlocking loops around the core for quick deployment. The resulting pattern resembles cobra weave at a slight angle.

Other names

Chain sinnet bracelet, Quick deploy cobra bracelet, Quick deploy Solomon bracelet.


To unravel the bracelet, undo the last knot and pull on both ends.


Tying this bracelet is similar to zipper sinnet with the difference that this is tied around central core.
Measure and cut paracord. Bracelet in this tutorial uses about 260 cm of paracord and fits hand with 19 cm circumference.

1. Find the middle of the cord and attach it to the buckle using cow hitch.
2. Measure the length of bracelet and pass the cords through the other buckle.
3. Create a bight with the right cord and pass it under the 2 middle cords.
4. Create a bight with the left cord and pass it through the loop and over the middle cords.
5. Bight with right cord, pass it through the loop and under the middle. Tighten the loop.
6. Bight with left cord, through the loop, over the middle, tighten.
7. Bight with right cord, through the loop, under the middle, tighten.
8. Bight with left cord, through the loop, over the middle, tighten.
9. Continue to the end.
10. In the last step pass the cord all the way through the last loop. Tighten.
11. Cut the ends.
12. Melt and press the ends.
13. Finished bracelet from one side.
14. Finished bracelet from the other side.

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