Figure of 8 flake

1. Make a figure of 8 with the rope.
2. Start making the next layer of 8 on top of the previous.
3. Make the next layer slightly overlapping the previous one.
4. Continue making eights on top of the previous layers.
5. Continue until all the rope has been laid out.


Figure of 8 flake is a method of laying out the rope to minimize risk of tangling.


Used by sailors and mountaineers whenever a quick and reliable way of uncoiling the rope is needed.

Other names

Figure 8 flake, Figure 8 fake, Figure 8 coil


First remove any twists in the rope by running it through your hands. This step may be repeated multiple times until all twists are removed. Lay the rope in figure 8 pattern with each next turn slightly overlapping the previous layer.