Siberian hitch


The Siberian hitch is a hitch knot used to attach a rope to an object. It is a type of slipped figure-eight noose. The hitch is known for having a tying method suitable even whilst wearing heavy gloves or mittens in cold climates. As a slipped knot it can be released simply by pulling the working end of the rope.


Used as a quick release knot in cold climates because it can be tied with gloves on.


Quick release


Moderately secure. As all quick release knots it should not be used for critical applications.

Other names

Siberian hitch, Evenk hitch, Evenk slippery figure of eight hitch.


1. Pass the rope around the object and back into your hand.
2. While holding both lines in your hand pass the working end over both ropes.
3. Pass the working end back under both ropes.
4. Create a bight in the working end and pull it through the loop.
5. Tighten.

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