Zipper sinnet bracelet


The zipper sinnet bracelet is quick deploy bracelet consisting of simple interlocking loops.


Used to make key fobs, bracelets, leashes and other paracord projects.


Measure and cut paracord. Bracelet in this tutorial used about 240 cm of paracord and fits hand with 19 cm circumference.

1. Take about 240 cm of cord and make a loop in the middle.
2. Make a bight with top (right) cord.
3. Pass the bight through the loop creating a noose knot.
4. Tighten the knot and leave a small loop (1 cm diameter) at the bottom.
5. Make a bight with left cord and pass it through the top loop.
6. Tighten by pulling on right cord.
7. Make a bight with the right cord and pass it through the loop.
8. Tighten by pulling on the left cord.
9. Left bight through the loop.
10. Tighten.
11. Continue knotting until desired length of bracelet is reached.
12. Pass the cord through the last loop.
13. Tighten the last loop.
14. Tie a diamond knot.
15. Look here for instructions on how to tie it.
17. Slowly tighten the knot by pulling on all ends.
18. Remove the slack and move knot close to the bracelet.
19. Cut the ends.
20. Melt and press then ends.
21. Finished bracelet from one side.
22. Finished bracelet from the other side.

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