Box knot


The box knot sinnet key fob is made by tying a series alternating of box knots. It is similar to crown sinnet. Difference lies in alternating the direction (clockwise/counterclockwise) of tying individual knots.


Used to make key fobs, bracelets, leashes and other paracord projects.

Other names

Box knot sinnet, Crown knot sinnet, Square knot sinnet


1. Take 2×70 cm of cord and cross them in the middle.
2. Fold the bottom cord over the horizontal cord on the left.
3. Fold the left cord over both vertical cords.
4. Fold the right vertical cord down over both horizontal cords.
5. Pass the bottom horizontal cord over the bottom vertical cord and through the loop.
6. Pull on all ends to tighten. Clockwise box knot has been created.
7. Start tying second box knot in counterclockwise direction. Pass bottom cord to top.
8. Right cord to left.
9. Top cord down.
10. Left cord to the right and through the loop.
11. Tighten the second box knot. Counterclockwise box knot has been created.
12. Continue tying box knots alternating direction – clockwise/counterclockwise.
13. There are several ways to finish. One of them is by tying four strand diamond knot.
Cut the ends. Melting is optional, the stopper knot will prevent them from unraveling.

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