DNA key fob


The DNA key fob is easy to tie key fob with a shape resembling DNA double helix.


Used to make key fobs, bracelets, leashes and other paracord projects.


Take two pieces of paracord about 45 and 55 cm long and join them together using one of the connection methods.

1. Fold the cord in half so that connection point is slightly off center.
2. Measure about 8 cm, make a loop with right cord and pass the end under the left strand.
3. Make a loop with green cord around the other cord, pass the end over the middle strands and through the other loop.
4. Tighten the knot.
5. Start tying the cobra knots. Right cord under the middle.
6. Left cord under, over the middle and through the loop.
7. Tighten.
8. Tie the next cobra knot. Right cord under.
9. Left cord under, over the middle and through the loop.
10. Tighten.
11. Continue knotting until small loop is left.
12. Cut and melt the ends.
13. End result.

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