Endless falls key fob


The endless falls key fob is a three color key fob with distinct V shaped pattern at the front and completely different pattern the back.


Used to make key fobs, bracelets, leashes and other paracord projects.


1. Take 3×75 cm of cord and make a loop in the middle of the first cord.
2. Tie a cow hitch through the loop with the second cord.
3. Pass the third cord through the loops of cow hitch.
4. Tighten the knot.
5. Cross the ends of the middle (green) cord under the bottom (blue) cord creating a loop.
6. Wrap right end of the top (red) cord around the green loop and between the bottom (blue) cords.
7. The same with left cord. Wrap it around the green loop between the blue cords.
8. Wrap right end of the bottom (blue) cord around the green loop.
9. The same with left cord. Wrap it around the green loop.
10. Tighten. Bring the top (red) cords down. The first knot is done.
11. Start tying second knot. Cross the green cords.
12. Wrap the top (blue) cords around the green loop in the middle.
13. Wrap the bottom (red) cords around the green loop on the outside.
14. Tighten and bring the middle (blue) cords down.
15. Tie the next knot.
15. Tighten.
16. Tie the next knot.
17. Tighten.
18. Keep tying until desired length is reached.
19. Finish with the diamond knot.
20. Look here for instructions on how to tie it.
21. Feed all the cords through the middle of the diamond knot.
22. Tighten the diamond knot and remove the slack.
23. Cut and melt the ends.
24. Finished product from one side.
25. Finished product from the other side.

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