Kalmyk loop


The Kalmyk loop is named after the Kalmyks, a nomad ethnicity in Russia. It is relatively easy to tie, it is secure, and it undoes quickly when pulling the free end.


Used by Mongolian herders and bushcraft enthusiasts as a general purpose quick release loop.


Quick release. After heavy loading the knot may become jammed but usually it is relatively easy to loosen it.


When tightening the knot make sure it is dressed properly. If the knot is loaded before it is snugly dressed the knot may collapse.

Other names

Without the quick release the knot is known as Cossack knot or Eskimo bowline.


1. Wrap the rope around an object and form a loop facing inside with the standing end on the bottom.
2. Pass the working end through the loop.
3. Make a bight on the working end.
4. Feed the bight over the loop, under the standing end and …
5. … and over the other side of the loop.
6. When tightening make sure the knot stays dressed neatly.

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