Yosemite bowline


A Yosemite bowline is loop knot often perceived as having better security than a bowline. A Yosemite bowline is made from a bowline with the free end wrapped around one leg of the loop and tucked back through the knot, a final round turn and reeve commonly known as a “Yosemite finish.” The knot’s security is enhanced by preventing the bowline capsizing to form a highly dangerous slip-knot. When finished, the working end forms a figure eight.


Can be used for attaching a climbing rope to a climber\’s harness or as general purpose loop.


Non-jamming. Easier to untie after loading or when wet and frozen than bowline.


When finishing the knot it is very important to tighten the bowline part first and then tighten the Yosemite tie-off. Failure to do so can result in a slip knot. When tied correctly Yosemite bowline can be very secure loop knot. However, it is more difficult to visually inspect it for correctness than figure-of-eight loop.


1. Tie a regular bowline with a longer working end.
2. Pass the tail around the loop.
3. Follow the path of the standing line.
4. First tighten the bowline part.
5. Tighten the Yosemite tie-off.

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