Chain sinnet


A chain sinnet is a method of shortening a rope or other cable while in use or for storage. It is formed by making a series of simple crochet-like stitches in the line. To untie this knot, simply remove the end of the rope from the final bight, then pull both ends of the rope apart from each other.


Used for shortening a rope for storage because it resists tangles and knots. It can also reduce tangling while a rope is being washed in a washing machine. Can be used as a decorative “pull” at the end of a rope or string, or as a friendship braid or as a decorative handle, and so on. This knot can also be used to entertain kids because they love to see how all the knots seem to magically disappear when the rope is pulled.

Other names

Chain sinnet, Chain sennit, Chain shortening, Chain stitch, Chain braid, Caterpillar sinnet, Crochet stitch, Daisy chain, Monkey braid, Single trumpet cord, Single bugle cord


1. Create a loop in the rope.
2. Pull a bight of the working part through the loop.
3. Tighten the knot, creating an overhand noose knot.
4. Pull another bight of the working part through the loop of the previous stitch.
5. Pull another bight through the loop.
6. Repeat until the rope has been sufficiently shortened.
7. To lock the sinnet, pass the working end through the final loop.

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