Genoese bracelet


The genoese paracord bracelet is tied using alternating half hitches. It does not use buckle but relies on a loop and knotted button for fastening.

Other names

Genoese bracelet, Half hitch bracelet.


1. Take 2×160 cm of cord and measure about 40 cm from one end (bracelet length + stopper knot).
At this point tie an overhand knot with the first cord around the second cord.
3. Tighten. But not very tight, will have to untie later.
4. Tie a half hitch with the other cord.
5. Tighten.
6. Pull out small (~1 cm in diameter) loop from the first knot. This will serve as a closure loop.
7. Start tying half hitches around central cords alternating sides. Tie a half hitch with the first cord.
8. Tighten.
9. Tie a half hitch with the second cord.
10. Tighten.
11. Tie another half hitch with the first cord.
12. Tighten.
13. Half hitch with the second cord. Tighten.
14. Half hitch with the first cord. Tighten.
15. Continue tying until desired length is reached.
16. Pass the right cord over the middle cords, under the left cord.
17. Pass the left cord under the middle cords and up through the loop.
18. Tighten.
19. Cut and melt the ends.
20. Tie a diamond knot.
21. Look here for instructions on how to do it.
22. Slowly tighten by pulling on all ends.
23. Remove the slack and move knot in place.
24. Cut and melt the ends.
25. Finished bracelet from one side.
26. Finished bracelet from the other side.

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