Reever knot


The Reever knot is a secure bend for joining two ropes. An important attribute of the knot is that each line going in and out of the knot is clamped at two points within the knot. For this reason it is considered secure and resistant to being shaken loose when subject to intermittent loads.


Used for joining two ropes subject to intermittent loads. Good for joining wet, slippery or incompatible materials such as synthetic ropes or bungee cords.




Knot is considered reliable and secure. Resistant to being shaken loose.

Other names

Reever knot, Vice versa bend


1. Tie a simple overhand knot with both ends of rope.
2. Bring one working end around standing end and tuck it through the “hole”.
3. Take the other working end around standing end and tuck it through the same “hole” from opposite direction.
4. Pass the ends of the rope through the outer loops as shown.
5. Tighten by pulling on all ends.

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